Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm Gonna Be Tired.

We didn't get the chance to go to the gathering this year. It's sad because it was so close it was almost meant to be. We did need extra food & gas money to get there and our money for the week had already been allocated elsewhere. Now accepting donations for my book project!
It's hard to know where to go next, I can't really pin down the man & get him to tell me his stories at a whim. He has so little down time from work- that's what happens when he works 70 hours a week. Sometimes it would be more if truckers' weekly hours weren't so strictly regulated. Reminder to self- buy digital recorder.
Thank you all who visited my first post, it has just over a hundred views. I know that's not nearly even a drop in the bucket compared to others' blogs, but none of my other individual posts on my family blog has ever reached that number so quickly. So small number or not, it's pretty awesome to me. I hope as I am able to compile any some stories I'll gain a larger audience and reviewers to help me fine tune my writing. I'm very much up for kind, constructive criticism.
I have a fairly good idea of my format which I've shared with only a few but so far it's getting positive feedback. I haven't read a lot of non-fiction so it won't really be written like one. I'm so green at writing it's silly. I received a little accolade in college for some essays in English classes. I wrote most of those essays way late at night so I'm supposing my best creative skills come out when I'm quite sleep deprived. Not good when the kids are up & about so early every morning.
Sleep's not important, right?
I think my nails are dry enough for me to go to bed now. Reminder to self- paint nails earlier in day (maybe when #2 is sleeping?)

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Friday, June 20, 2014

So I guess I'm writing a book.

Ever since I met my hubs, Corey, I was fascinated with these stories he would tell of his travels. I met him at his ripe ol' age of 23, and me at 21 thought it was amazing all the adventures he'd already had. I mean sure, I got to go to Venice for a month- but he walked the Oregon coast with no "adult" supervision. Who does that? Who lives in a tree for six months? For real it was largely entertaining listening to these crazy times that were barely behind him. Turns out that there's this whole subculture that I refer to as "transient hippies." Maybe that's an official term that other people use but I don't know. These are kids (use that term as loosely as possible, most are really gettin' up there age-wise) who through differing circumstances choose (or maybe not choose) to live kind of a homeless lifestyle, travel around, and every summer come together for the Rainbow Gathering. Coincidentally this year it is being held just about two hours from where I live. I am still debating whether or not to go to get firsthand opinions and stories from those who ritualistically attend, for the sake of this project. Every time I've met one of these peeps, after mentioning a few key instances from Corey's days at the gatherings, they know who he is by reputation. People still do things he started and I think that's fascinating. So crazy.
Since the first few stories were shared with me, I've urged Corey to WRITE THESE DOWN as I always thought they would make a fantastic book. It's now been 11 (ELEVEN!) years and he's done nothing. I bought him books on 'how to write your life,' and still nothing. So I'll do it instead. Starting on this blog, then moving to print. I've learned that writing nonfiction and finding a publishing agent then a publisher is a different beast than writing fiction. Lucky fiction writers get to leisurely  write their stories and present their work to the agent or publisher much like I present my newborn babes to the facebook world (Look what I made! Do you love it???). Nonfiction writers get to prove there's going to be an interest in their respective subjects, so the agents can tell the publishers of all the $$$ they'll be making, all before they even write the book! I guess that's what the internet is for.
Here it is, my buzz starter. Feel free to share with people, everything else gets shared these days, right? I once spent way too much of my time watching a cat in a shark costume riding a robot vacuum that was chasing a duck. I love you, internet. Also, follow this blog.
Also, if you happen to be a person that went on travels with the hubs then I'll be by sometime in the near or far future to get your side of the story, cause it's awesome.